Teatro do Mar

Teatro do Mar was created in Sines, Portugal, on March 8, 1986, founded by Julieta Aurora Santos (its Artistic Director and Diretor) and by the late Actor and Director Vladimir Franklin.

The creations reflect, in their generality, essentially on themes that focus on the contemporary man and his existential condition in the face of an idea of progress and the consequent transformation of his identity and, his affective and cultural memories.

On a constant reflection and exploration of new artistic territories, the Company develops a research and creation work particularly aimed at the public space (Street Theatre). Investing in its own dramaturgical creation – either from themes and/or adaption of literary works – and in a multidisciplinary work, it crosses physical theatre with circus, dance, animated forms, original music and the new video technologies, in the quest for a common and global meaning through the statement of a universal language, that can easily be understood by any type of public.

Teatro do Mar has performed in hundreds of Festivals, with audiences of thousands of spectators, both in Portugal and several International Festivals throughout Europe, as well as Brazil, having often had opening and closing honors of the same.

In addition, the Company assumes a very important role as Cultural agent in its city and region, especially through artistic creations with the community and its Educational Service.

In recognition of its work, the Company was awarded the Cultural Merit Medal of the City of Sines, in 1999.

Its Artistic Director receives, in 2001, the Prize of the Tourism Region of Costa Azul, for the cultural services rendered to the region and to the country.

From the beginning, the Company has an Annual Protocol with the Municipality of Sines and, since 1999, the regular support of the General Arts Directorate / Ministry of Culture.