The Legend of the Carrion crow's Boy

 Or the boy who lived in the sea and wanted wings

puppet show 




The story is told by a dreamlike character, Maresia, a central figure that suspends at the waist of its very extensive sea skirt, an island. It is the spirit of that sea, as a witness of all events, who tells us the adventures of the boy and his carrion crow friend, on the Island of Pessegueiro.

“The Legend of the Carrion Crow’s Boy” is defined through a language of great visuality, dream environment and poetry, helped in its interpretation by rod puppets.

Julieta Aurora Santos as Director of Teatro do Mar, pursuing her project to rescue elements of the cultural identity of the region of Sines, and developing a dramaturgy inspired by history, myths and traditional tales of this region, was based on a legend of the parish of Porto Covo, in concrete of the Island of the Pessegueiro – “The Legend of the Carrion Crow’s Boy” – to create this show, thus recovering, for the new generations, part of the immaterial patrimony of the county, in numerous presentations throughout the country and, more recently, in Brazil.

Teatro do Mar presented a delightful and enchanting local story, rewritten and adapted by Julieta Aurora Santos. “The Legend of the Carrion Crow’s Boy” was so sought after by an audience that gathered parents, grandparents and children in the same room. It took some time to accommodate so many people before ‘traveling’, with puppets and actors, to the island of Pessegueiro, and its distant Roman origins. MARGATO, Cristina “Sines Festival enters in an intimate phase”, [about the Festival Músicas do Mundo], Expresso, 2013


Premiére 2008 | Discipline Puppet show | Language Portuguese | Duration 45 min. (approx.)

Text and Storytelling Julieta Aurora Santos
Interpretation/Puppets Sandra Santos, Carlos Campos, Luís João Mosteias, Sérgio Vieira

Soundtrack Zé Dado
Scenography and Accessories João Calvário

Scenographic Construction João Calvário, Hugo Custódio
Costume Designer Sandra Santos

Financial and Management Sónia Custódio
Technical Director Luís João Mosteias
Executive Production Jorge Pina
Production and Communication Natasha Bulha Costa

Promotional Video Diogo Vilhena
Graphic Image (poster) António Caetano
Photography Julieta Aurora Santos, CMSines / SIDI, Luís Santos