Eu Fêmea is a short solo for an actress, about the invisibility of women in history. A physical performance that takes place within a structure alluding to a Peep Show. Limited to 20 spectators, equipped with headphones and placed in individual booths, the performance takes on a particularly intimate character. The actress, enclosed within the circular set, has no physical or visual contact with the audience.

In a poetic register, with a narrative of iconographic inspiration and a contemporary language based on body narratives, "Eu Fêmea" reflects on the invisibility of women over time, and the historical and cultural heritage, physical and spiritual, that today inhabits the female being. What remains of this past and what resists and transforms itself? What subject or subjectivity exists outside of history and language, culture and power relations?

In Eu Fêmea a body transmutes into other bodies. From the collective to the one, from the veiled to the uncovered, in a trajectory that marks, among others, the divine, the maternal, the animal and the outcast, submission and rebellion, between Eve and Lilith, Mary and Mary Magdalene, a woman in search of balance and affirmation unveils herself, gradually freeing herself from the different layers that have covered her up, made her invisible and subjected her throughout History.

What does it mean to be a woman today? What is femininity and what body defines it?
Desde a emancipação, que liberdade?

Creation and Direction Julieta Aurora Santos Interpretation and Dramaturgy Assistance Patrícia Andrade Scenography, Design and Construction, Luís Mendes Santos Construction, Luís Santos, Luís João Mosteias, Sérgio Vieira, Carlos Campos Costumes and Props Adriana Freitas Music Tiago Inuit Light Design Ivo Vieira Scene Photos and Video João Versos Roldão Co-Production Imaginarius 2022


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